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Terms and Conditions


The present conditions that are written below, apply to the use of the services of the Portal, platform for the promotion of leisure recreational activities.

The Portal is not an agent or travel agency, but a web portal that exposes activities of other entities or people offering leisure recreational activities (hereinafter “Bidder”) and that can acquire people or entities that want to buy it and enjoy it (hereinafter “Customers”)

Please take your time and read this document carefully. The use of the services described below will imply, in turn, the prior, express, and without exception, acceptances of all the terms and conditions set out herein.

In case of disagreement, do not use the services offered by the Portal

These conditions are part of the legal notice of the Portal

The purpose of this document is to regulate the conditions applicable to the promotion and publicity services accessible in the Portal

The service is available to portal users of legal age, its purposes being:

– Allow users to publish and publicize leisure recreational activities that they themselves develop.

– Allow users who wish to participate in an Activity, book and be able to attend the published Activities.

– When booking an Activity through the platform, a contractual relationship is established directly with the purchaser of the same.

3.1. Registered and unregistered portal users

The access and navigation in the Portal does not require prior registration. Any user can browse the portal, search for activities and consult all the information that has been published for each activity, as well as check availability, ratings, etc.

In order to make use of the Service both to publish an Activity and to buy it as a Client, it is necessary that Users register in advance, for which purpose the Portal will request a series of information and data.

Through the registration and registration of the user, the user undertakes to comply with any legal obligations of any kind that may affect him / her for the development of the activity that he / she promotes or exhibits in the portal.

Users certify that they are over 18 at the time of registration. The Portal in no case may be held responsible for the information offered by users that could be erroneous or fraudulent.

Once the registration is made, each User will have his own account and profile. User profiles may be public for the other Portal Users.

Each Registered User will have access to their profile, where they can manage their personal data, the activities they offer or those they have enjoyed as a Client, as well as the remaining information and contents associated with the profile and the Service. The user is responsible for the management and correct maintenance and updating of their data in their profile.

Likewise, by registering and registering in the Service, the companies or guides offering activities, declare with respect to the activities they offer:

– Fulfill all the legal obligations that correspond to them.

– Have any permits, licenses, authorizations and insurance that are necessary for the development of the Activities, being the only ones responsible, exclusively, for any consequences that may arise from the breach of the above.

– That the Activity is real and exists.

The Portal will not assume any responsibility regarding the Activities offered by the bidders.

3.2. Publication and booking of Activities

The Offerors of Activities may publish on the Portal as many Activities as they wish, said publication being free of charge.

For the publication of the Activities, the Bidders must provide all the information requested in the “Become a Supplier” form. The information and contents accessible through the Service on the Activities are those provided by the Bidders. The Portal can not guarantee that the information and contents are accurate, truthful or that they are not exempt from errors. The Bidder is solely responsible for the veracity, accuracy and correctness of the information.

Once the Activities have been published, Clients can make the reservation of any Activity in which they are interested. These reserves are subject to the availability of the Bidder who provides the Activity, who in case of not being able to attend the reservation for any reason must notify both the Portal and the Client to proceed with the cancellation of the reservation.

Clients must pay the amount of each activity at the time of booking whose price indicated will be PVP, ie final price and include VAT and other applicable taxes.

Likewise, the Bidders may establish additional charges for the development of the Activity, which must be paid by the Clients. Although, these additional charges must always be published in the information related to the Activity.

Once the reservation of an Activity has been confirmed, the Client will be charged the full amount of the same. The payment of this amount is managed through the Portal, who retains the same and, between days 1 and 5 of the month following the activity, will proceed to transfer the corresponding amount to the Bidder, after discounting the percentage applicable to the use of the Portal and provision of linked services negotiated between the Portal and the Bidder before publishing the activity on the Portal.

In general, the Customer may cancel a confirmed reservation in accordance with the following Cancellation Policy:

Antelación Cliente

Porcentaje de reembolso respecto
al importe total de la Actividad*

0 horas a 48 horas 0% Recibe 20% del importe total*
48 horas a 7 días 50% Recibe 20% del 50% del importe total*
Más de 7 días 100% No percibe importe alguno

* Along with this amount, the commission expenses of the means of payment that the Client has used will also be deducted.

Clients wishing to cancel a reservation must send an email to providing the reservation information to be canceled. Once the email has been sent, the Client will receive a confirmation that his request for cancellation has been taken care of, within a maximum period of 30 days, to proceed with the reimbursement of the corresponding amount * in the case that it is appropriate according to the cases shown in the previous table. In case the Client does not receive the previous confirmation, he should contact through the email

Likewise, the Bidder will receive between the 1st and 5th of the month following the date on which the activity was to be carried out the corresponding amount in the case that it proceeds according to the cases shown in the previous table.

Meteorological conditions

In the event that the Activity depends on certain meteorological conditions are met and they do not occur, or prevent the Activity from being carried out on the day and time initially scheduled, the Bidder may propose an alternative date to develop the Experience.

In the event that it is not possible to set an alternative date, or it is not acceptable to the Client, the Customer will be entitled to a refund of the full amount of the Activity and the Offeror will not receive any amount.

Bidders and Customers expressly agree to make correct and responsible use of the Portal:

– Access to the Service: Do not access the Service by any means other than the interface provided by Expritor to access them.

– Identity of the User: Do not falsify your identity by pretending to be any other person, by a nonexistent person, by a member of any entity or lying about your relationship with any other person and / or entity.

– Respect among Users: Do not harass or, in any way, harass third parties, not collect or store personal information about other Portal Users without complying with the current legislation on data protection, as well as not making available to third parties, for any purpose, data collected from distribution lists.

The Clients can value the Activities. The valuation will be visible to the Bidder of the same and to the rest of users of the Portal.

Valuations must be true, and clearly stated.

The Portal will not erase, censor or edit the valuations, although in certain cases, in which the terms set out in this document are infringed, it may proceed to eliminate an assessment and / or take the appropriate measures.

In general, those assessments that include:

– Spam, advertising or commercial content.

– Names of other Users.

– Political, religious or social comments.

– Attempts to impersonate another person’s identity.

– Inappropriate language.

– Content for adults.

– Any content services that are illegal, harmful, denigrating, violent or contrary to morality.


The Clients accept to be exclusively responsible for maintaining an adequate behavior during the development of the Activity. The Portal will not assume any obligation (among others, for merely enunciative purposes, of payment of indemnities or of assumption of any cost or expense) in which the Client had to incur as a result of the anticipated termination of the Activity, by the Bidder , due to the Client’s inappropriate behavior.

Should an Offeror and / or Client cause any damage, they must reimburse the full cost of the damage caused to the person and / or entity to whom such damage has been generated. They must also indemnify the Portal for the full amount of any claim filed against the Portal by any third party as a result of said damage.

The assumption that, for any reason, the Bidder could not comply with the Activity reserved by the Client, the Portal will not have or assume any responsibility, with the only exception of proceeding to the corresponding refund. The Bidder shall be solely responsible for any liability that may arise as a result of the foregoing.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Portal will not be responsible for:

– Punitive, special, indirect losses or damages, loss of profits, income, contracts, as well as loss or damage of clients or reputation.

– Errors related to the information (description including rates, availability and classifications) of the Bidders and Customers, available on the Portal.

– Services provided or products offered by Bidders.

– Losses, damages or costs (direct, indirect, consequential or punitive) that the Bidder and / or the Client may suffer, arising or relating to the use, unavailability or delay of the Portal.

– For damages, losses or costs, that the Bidder and / or the Client suffer, incur or have to pay, either due to acts (legal), errors, infractions, negligence, malicious misconduct, omissions, breaches, misrepresentation , objective extracontractual liability, including any cancellation (total or partial), strike, force majeure or other act beyond our control.

Exprilo reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the use of the Service at any time in the event of unauthorized use of it, or allegedly not authorized, either by contravening the provisions of these Terms of Use or for other reasons. In such cases, there will be no obligation or liability on the Portal.

In case of identifying that any of the rules contained in this document is being infringed, the User, registered or not, can send an email to

Once the facts in knowledge of the Portal, it will take the appropriate measures.