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Triana Seville

20 Best things to visit in the Triana Seville neighbourhood


Welcome to the heart of Seville, where every cobblestone has a story to tell, where the rhythm of Flamenco echoes through age-old alleyways, and where the vibrancy of Spanish life flourishes – welcome to Triana. Known for its rich culture, spirited history, and iconic Andalusian charm, Triana captures the essence of Seville in its truest form. Join us as we delve into this neighborhood, sharing our top 20 things to see and experience in this captivating part of town.

1. Triana Bridge or Isabel II Bridge

Triana Bridge (Puente de Isabel II): Begin your journey with the breathtaking sight of Triana Bridge, an impressive ironwork structure from the 19th century. Known as the gateway to Triana, it beautifully spans the Guadalquivir River and provides mesmerizing views of the cityscape, especially at sunset.

triana bridge triana seville

2. Betis Street

Calle Betis: This picturesque riverfront promenade perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Triana. Whether it’s gazing at the grand Guadalquivir River, marveling at the colorful building facades, or relaxing in the many vibrant tapas bars and restaurants, Calle Betis is a feast for the senses.

betis street triana seville

3. Capilla del Carmen (Chapel of Carmen)

Capilla del Carmen: This little oasis of tranquility sits at the Triana end of the bridge. Adorned with exquisite azulejo tiles, this chapel dedicated to Carmen, the patron saint of sailors, exudes an aura of serenity amidst the city’s hustle.

carmen church triana seville

4. Triana Market

Triana Market (Mercado de Triana): Located on the remnants of the Castle of Saint George, Triana Market is a bustling hub of activity. Here, you can immerse yourself in the local cuisine, relishing fresh produce, mouth-watering tapas, and the catch of the day.

triana market triana seville

5. Plaza del Altozano (Altozano Square)

Plaza del Altozano: The central hub of Triana, this plaza hosts the famous statue of flamenco dancer Juan Belmonte. A place of social gatherings and festivities, it’s a vibrant spot to soak in local culture.

6. Castillo de San Jorge (Saint George’s Castle)

Castillo de San Jorge: Beneath the Triana Market lie the haunting ruins of the Castillo de San Jorge, once the headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition. Now a museum, it’s a fascinating, if somber, journey into a dark chapter of Spanish history.

saint george castle triana seville

7. Callejón de la Inquisición (Alley of the Inquisition)

Callejón de la Inquisición: This narrow, winding alleyway takes you back to the time of the Inquisition. It offers a haunting yet captivating walk filled with historical remnants and mystery.

inquisition alley triana seville

8. Mercado del Paseo del Arte (Handicraft market)

Paseo del Arte Market: Every weekend, this market transforms into an art lover’s paradise, showcasing vibrant paintings, unique crafts, and intricate ceramics from local artisans.

handlymade market triana seville

9. Corral de las flores

Corral de las Flores: Named after the fragrant flowers that adorn its courtyard, this traditional Andalusian house exemplifies Triana’s residential architecture. Its soothing ambiance offers a respite from the city’s energy.

corral flowers triana seville

10. Párroquia Ntra Señora de la O

Parish of Nuestra Señora de la O: This imposing Baroque church is a spiritual anchor for locals. Marvel at the stunning golden altarpiece and beautifully preserved artwork within.

triana seville o church

11. Basílica del Cachorro

Basilica del Cachorro: Revered for housing one of Seville’s most adored Holy Week figures – the Cristo del Cachorro, this basilica holds a special place in Trianeros’ hearts.

cachorro church triana seville

12. Centro Cerámica de Triana (Triana Ceramic Centre)

Centro Cerámica de Triana: Triana’s ceramic-making tradition is renowned, and this museum beautifully pays homage to it. Explore the process, styles, and history of Triana’s ceramic industry through its informative exhibits.

ceramic center triana seville

13. Capilla de la Estrella (Chapel of the Estrella)

Capilla de la Estrella: A charming and lesser-known chapel, Capilla de la Estrella is home to the Hermandad de la Estrella brotherhood. Its intimate and serene interior provides a peaceful retreat.

estrella church triana seville

14. Capilla de los Marineros (Chapel of the Sailors)

Capilla de los Marineros: This revered chapel houses the beloved Virgen de la Esperanza, also known as the Virgin of Hope, making it a significant spiritual landmark and pilgrimage site during Semana Santa (Holy Week).

sailors church triana seville

15. Parroquia de Santa Ana (Saint Anne’s Church)

Parroquia de Santa Ana: Dating back to 1266, this is considered Seville’s oldest church. Its beautiful blend of Gothic and Mudejar architectural styles, alongside stunning frescoes and stained-glass windows, is truly captivating.

saint ana chuch triana seville

16. Corral de Herrera

Corral de Herrera: This traditional “corral” or communal house offers a peek into Seville’s architectural past. Its classic features and central patio adorned with a well and washing lines reflect the lifestyle of bygone times.

herrera corral triana seville

17. Esfera Armilar (Armilar Sphere)

It is in the Plaza de Cuba. The “Zero mile” of the Earth which commemorates the 500th anniversary of the first voyage around the world (1519-1522) started in Seville by Fernando de Magallanes and finished by Juan Sebastián Elcano also in Seville.

armilar sphere triana seville

18. Museum of Carriages

Museo de Carruajes: Here, you’ll discover a fascinating collection of historic horse-drawn carriages. It’s an intriguing journey into the evolution of transportation and craftsmanship of the carriage era.

carriages museum triana seville

19. Velá de Santiago and Santa Ana

Velá de Santiago y Santa Ana: Join the locals in late July as they celebrate this traditional festivity in honor of St. James and Saint Anne. It’s a colorful explosion of flamenco performances, gastronomy, and sevillanas dancing.

triana seville fair

20. San Jacinto Street

Calle San Jacinto: This bustling street is a shopper’s delight. It offers a variety of local boutiques, bakeries, and tapas bars, all pulsating with the lively rhythm of Triana.

san jacinto street triana seville

Unveiling Triana is an expedition of soul-stirring experiences that embrace history, culture, religion, and the jubilance of Andalusian lifestyle. Whether you’re taking a walk down the vivacious Calle Betis, relishing culinary delights at the Triana Market, or discovering the spiritual heritage encapsulated in the many chapels, Triana’s allure lies in its vibrant contrasts and authentic charm. Each corner tells a story, each stone sings a song – a melody that will echo in your heart long after you leave. As we always say, to know Seville, you must know Triana.

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